Oooh get me, 2 blog posts in a week! Don’t expect it to happen again 😀

Yesterday we took some of the stock out for a trip to the park the aim being to get some decent photos to use on the new website. Not product specific, just photos that included the products to use to illustrate the new site, who wants library images when you have your own products to use if only you can get the photos?

Nature on our doorstep even in the city, didn't even need the car to get there!

Nature on our doorstep even in the city, didn’t even need the car to get there!

We had fun! Much of that was just running around the park chasing the sun because while the weather was kind to us the park is surrounded by trees (seriously, we’re in Nottingham city and yet we have all this green space with trees and grass and nature and such right on our doorstep – you have to love it!)  and the sun kept moving about and so the shadows followed it!

And I wish to make it perfectly clear here it was not my idea that chief model wore a sleeveless top, her own idea and insistence! I suggested several times she put her sweatshirt or jacket, or even both, back on but no, apparently photos will look better without them so she wasn’t wearing them! Got to admire her dedication to the job but wow, it was cold!

There’s a video on our home page showing some of the outtakes too.