Recycle for money off

I was asked a question a couple of weeks back that I’d never thought about before but was actually a really, blindingly, obvious sort of question I should have expected to be asked!

“I know you make your bags from recycled fabric but can they then be recycled?”

Recycle symbol fabric

Recycle symbol fabric

When you think about it it is quite possibly the first question anybody should ask about anything they buy, absolutely anything!  Sometimes I do think about what will happen when I’m finished with it before I buy things but I have to admit that mostly it’s something I only think about when I realise I have no further use for something. Maybe because when buying something it doesn’t really occur to me that I will ever not want it at any point in the future and nor do I think of the reality of the fact that it might just wear out before I do!

It’s something I am now going to be making a conscious effort to think more about before I buy anything new! I have no problems finding new homes or ways of recycling things once I no longer want or need them and I already have a range of things I avoid because they are not re-usable or recyclable but I’m not sure I really give enough thought before a purchase as to what will happen to it when I’m done with it.

So, can Losana B bags be recycled?  So far as I know there are not currently any facilities in the UK to collect used textile products for recycling except where those textiles are still in good condition and can still be used.  Re-use is always preferable to recycling anyway as even recycling uses energy and resources, just not as much as making brand new from raw materials would. If you’ve decided you don’t want your Losana B bag anymore, maybe it no longer fits your tastes, isn’t big enough any more, is too big for you now or doesn’t match any of your clothes this season but is still in good usable condition then re-use is the answer. Sell it, donate it to a charity shop, pass it on to a friend – just somehow get it into the hands of someone else who can get use out of it and keep it alive.

Losana B Recycled denim duffel back pack

Made from recycled denim jeans

If your bag is damaged it may be repairable.  If parts of it are worn out then it may be possible to make some alterations and tweaks and refurbish your bag, maybe even give it a whole new look for less than the price of a brand new bag! I am happy to offer a low cost repair service for any Losana B bags so if you still love your bag but it’s damaged then just get in touch and we’ll work out what can be done to repair or refurbish your bag.

If it’s not suitable to pass on, can’t be repaired, isn’t suitable to be refurbished or you’ve just plain old fallen out of love with it so don’t care what happens to it then I’ll recycle it for you! I’ll even give you a discount off a new Losana B bag when you send your old one in for recycling.

Just please don’t throw it in the bin! And that promise applies to anyone that your Losana B bag was passed on to by whatever method as well!