About LosanaB

LosanaB is me, Sharron, and my helpers*.

Although the helpers often hinder more than help they also provide inspiration, motivation and a certain level of desperation that keeps me going. They are also very cheap expecting only love and chocolate in return for their help.

I make stuff, mainly from fabric that is recycled, up-cycled, rescued or re-purposed – what ever words you want to use. Give me a sewing machine and a pile of fabric and I can turn that pile into something wonderful, something useful, something worthy of love again. Fabric talks to me, it tells me what it wants to be and I listen to it and make it’s dreams come true. I never did claim to be sane did I?

Mainly I make bags at the moment because I love bags! I love designing them, love the engineering challenges of working out how to get the end result I want, and I love using bags but I couldn’t possibly use every bag I could make so I sell them to people who can use them.

Just about everything I make is a unique, one of a kind, total one-off creation.  Even my stock designs, patterns I’ve drafted that can be repeated, become unique finished items because each one is made with different details and fabrics which can’t often be repeated due to the way I buy them as remnants and left overs, old stock and textiles unsuitable to use in their original form, even as clothing that’s now unwearable so ready to be recycled.  If you like any of my items and want to know more than it’s description tells you about the past life of it’s fabrics then ask, I often do know more than I can fit into the description box and if I know I’ll happily tell you!

Wastage is a big thing for me – I hate it!  I endeavour to create as little waste as possible saving even the smallest scraps of fabric as well as every last button, bead and fastening that comes off of the things I recycle and use them again in something else.  Even the tiny strips created when I have to cut off an old seam can be reused to stuff a doorstop or ornament!

I also love to write and am very proud of my status as ‘published in national print magazines’ writer.  Okay so it was restaurant reviews (hey, I got paid to eat and write about it – who wouldn’t love that job?) mainly and the odd short story but still, that makes me a published writer. One day I’ll finish one of the half dozen novels under the bed and be brave enough to show it to someone. Until then when I get the urge to write I write things for the blog.  So, keep an eye on here, follow me on facebookinstagram or twitter and whichever other social media I eventually work out how/find time to use and let’s be friends.

Our Fabrics

We use predominantly rescued, reclaimed, recycled and re-made fabrics in our products. The next tab shows how we classify fabrics as the 4 Rs and what each type is.

The majority of fabrics are laundered when I get them to make sure they are suitable to go in a washing machine, this not only gets them clean (some are in an awful state when they arrive with me!) but ensures they won’t be damaged by water once you have them! Consequently we know most of our products can be washed by you as well although the method of washing is dictated by the design of the product – bags with long delicate straps, multiple layers, embellishments and chains do not far well in a spin cycle for instance. We will provide you with recommended cleaning instructions for everything you buy.

I buy brand new specifically for purpose fabric only where necessary but if you have a specific fabric type or colour in mind for a custom order I will endeavour to find some from among my remnant/roll end and pre-used suppliers – there is a huge array of leftover fabric out there to be found! For component parts that have to bought new  I always source from a UK supplier even where it would be cheaper to import from abroad myself as many of these things are only made abroad at present.

The 4 Rs

R1: Rescued – fabrics that are brand new and not used before. Remnants and roll-ends  never used or left overs from other projects. This includes remnants I buy from curtain and dressmakers, factories and upholsterers and retail stores clearing out stock they no longer want to carry.

R2: Reclaimed – fabrics from made up but never used by a consumer items, such as store damaged or unwanted stock of clothing and household textiles, shop display materials and samples.

R3: Recycled – fabrics that have reclaimed from items that have been previously used and are no longer usable in their original form. This can include any product made from textiles, much of my stock of such fabric is bought from charities so supporting them too!

R4: Re-made – sheets of fabric made by myself from other pieces of fabric, even the smallest scraps of fabric can be saved from the bin this way! The component fabrics or re-made sheets may be brand new or pre-used.

Custom Design

We love a custom order! Whether you have an idea that’s vague, fixed or non-existent we will work with you to produce the product of your dreams!

Bags may be our specialty but they’re not all we can do! If it’s made of textile and can be sewn then we can probably make it!

Need a bag to hold something specific? Get in touch!

Need a table cloth for an unusual sized/shaped table? Or a specific style/colour you can’t find elsewhere? Or place mats to match your room scheme? Get in touch!

Need fabric storage solutions to blend in with your decor? A cover for your toaster or food mixer? Have leftovers from your curtains you’d like made into matching room accessories? Get in touch!

What ever it is – get in touch and let’s talk!

Your Fabrics

We can use your own fabrics and turn them into something new. We don’t make memory bears/animals nor do we do memory quilts but if you have left over fabric or clothing you can’t wear but can’t bear to part with so still want in your life that you’d like us to turn into something you can use then we probably can!

In the past we’ve turned pieces of fabric left from a mother’s wedding dress into a bag for her daughter to use at her own wedding.

Turned a granny’s curtains that held precious childhood memories but which nobody wanted at their windows into cushion covers for the grandchildren.

Turned jeans with no crotch seam or knees left into skirts.

Created a shopping bag from the back panel of a sofa. Sad story behind this one so the owner didn’t want to part with the sofa but it’s frame was broken beyond repair so between us we saved the fabric panel from the back and now she can carry the memories with her!

Even if there’s no sentiment but you just don’t want to see any textile item you own go to waste we can help!

Get in touch to discuss.

*  Just in case it isn’t clear those helpers are my teen and near teen children and they are every bit as important to LosanaB as I am for all the reasons given and more.  They are however, not in the least bit cheap, it would probably be cheaper to hire in help, but their input and ideas are hugely valued. And they only help if they want to, which is only when they think they can get something out of me for doing so of course being children and all that.