Ouch! rotary cutter attack
soft duffle

Introducing The Soft Duffle Bag With a Taste of More to Come

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Do you remember a few weeks back I was talking about my adventures into video? How much I hated it and really wasn't sure I could do it?  Well I can now :). Okay, so I'm still not going to win any awards for video production but I am…

One Tweak Leads to Another.

What do you reckon to the changes to the fonts, colours and layouts?  I was never really happy with the different coloured fonts being used so I've had them tweaked and while at it the fonts and layout have been altered but I'm not 100% on…
the Script bag

Just Checking In. With Chocolate and a Script.

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Did everyone have a great Easter? I still have most of my easter eggs left as I've been too busy to eat them which, considering I only had 3, is quite an achievement for me! Mind you one of them was one of these > > > if you've…

Overcoming Fears To Enter The World Of Video.

In this world of online shopping the personal touch can be lost. The seller looses the opportunity to meet and get to know their customers and, more importantly, the buyer rarely meets the seller.  I come from a background in customer service…
Blue Fabric

They Were Going To Put It In a Skip!

Sometimes you have to leap at an opportunity even though you're not really ready for it because it will be worth it in the end. A colleague of mine who knew I was planning to start making my bags available for sale knew someone who had…
basic roll up shopper

I made a little video

Just in case anyone needs to know how to roll up their LosanaB basic roll up shopper bag (for sale here and by custom order of course 🙂 ).  Okay, yes it was just because I had some new software to play with, but now I have the software and…
big bucket bag prototype

Things are Sent to Try Us

And try us they do!  Finally got the camera sorted then had a few really bad days that have meant having to take time out of work just as I was ready to go, touch wood all is on the up now but we're about to go into school holidays which makes…
Shot from afar

Lights, Camera, Action!

The camera problem is sorted. Admittedly by buying a new camera but hey, the end result is my knackered camera is no longer a problem and I can now take photos properly. I am actually really quite impressed with the few shots I've taken…
tools and materials

The Best Laid Plans . . .

Why does nothing ever seem to go to schedule?  The plan was to have finished items ready to add to the shop this week but it seems the world has conspired against me and I'm not quite there. Okay, maybe not the entire world, but my children…
Open books

Time To Return To The Reference Library?

I have been reading like mad this morning trying to find concise, credible, well presented answers to a question that arose on a discussion board, somewhere on the internet in a craft group, because while I know the answer to the question…

Levi’s jeans to make all its products from 100% recycled cotton - Climate Action Programme

Interesting, and promising, idea especially as the technology to do it doesn't even exist yet. The world’s oldest jeans brand has announced plans to become the first in the fashion industry to make all of its products from 100 per cent recycled…
pencil case

Comment Without Registering

Touch wood I now have the anti spam measures in place to allow commenting without needing to register in place. So I've turned off the need to register. First comments by any reader will always need approval but after the first one if you…

Finding Inspiration in Getting the Kids Outside

This morning my youngest came downstairs with a pile of clothes in her hands and announced that as it was a nice day we were going to the woods.  Now normally I'd agree that letting a 9 year old dictate what the family does in this way…

Ts and Cs, Guidelines, legal smiegel, boring, boring, bored!

Guess what I've been trying to finalise today? Like the title doesn't give it away. Yes, yes, yes I know they are important not just for customers but for me but boy oh boy are they boring. But this is the world of online free information…