Corset laced back t-shirt up-cycle by Losana B

Corset Laced Back T-Shirt Up-cycle.

This easy to do alteration transforms an oversized t-shirt, top or dress into something more fitted and flattering.  The same technique can also be used on many garments of course but here I’m using a large men’s t-shirt I loved the print on but which is just too baggy for me. I’m using the smallest sized framing d-rings I had in brass, the method is the same for any frame d-ring and if you use rings such as the split rings or roman blind rings then sew in the same way but no need to worry about them being placed on in a certain direction.

No cutting of the fabric and no need for a sewing machine! Easily changeable.

1 – select the type of ring you want to use

2 – Put the top on and mark the position of your waist, a pin is ideal to do this.

waist pin marker3 – Lay the top down and decide where you want the loops to go.  This will depend on the fit you want to achieve but I like them to go just a little above the waist and about twice as far below the waist. You can always add or remove loops later if you want to change the fit. I’m using a 5 cm distance between loops here so place one 2.5 cm above the waist pin and another 5 cm above that, then one 2.5 cm below the waist and 2 more 5 cms apart below that. Mark the positions with pins.

mark with pins

4 – fold the top in half matching the seams under the arms.

old matching under arm seams

5 – insert pins on opposite seam in same position.

match pins on other side

6 – Sew the loops on to the back of the t-shirt ensuring the d-ring is pointing towards the center back of the top. If you sew them to the front of the t-shirt or facing outwards over the seam an unsightly fold will be created when the lacing is put through. Ensure stitches go all around the curve to keep the d-rings straight. If using split or blind rings sew around about half the ring on the side closest to the seam so the unsewn side points towards the center back. I’ve used green thread here so it shows up against the ring but normally I’d have used a thread that more closely matched the colour of the ring or put in enough stitches to completely cover the metal.

6 – Showing all rings sewn on, the stitches are all on the back of the t-shirt and the d-rings point towards the center of the back.

Select the ribbon or cord you want to use to lace them up. I’m going to use a bright gold ribbon here so that it shows up in the photos but any type of ribbon, lacing or thing cord, etc. in any colour can be used.

selecting ribbons for corset laced back t-shirt alteration

7 – Thread the ribbon/cord through the top 2 rings and then take each side down through alternate rings taking it through the rings the same way (top to bottom or bottom to top) each time.

Put on your t-shirt and pull the ribbon/cord through to create the fit you want and tie at the bottom!   The lacing is not permanently attached so can be changed whenever you want – lace up a t-shirt in a matching color for every day and switch to a bright colour for a party!

corset laced back t-shirt alteration - rear view by Losana B