Walking in the woods Feb 2017

Walking in the woods Feb 2017

This morning my youngest came downstairs with a pile of clothes in her hands and announced that as it was a nice day we were going to the woods.  Now normally I’d agree that letting a 9 year old dictate what the family does in this way is not a good parenting tactic but given that a – she’s autistic and hates leaving the house much of the time and b – we actually all love walking in the woods, then I agreed that it was a good idea. It also saved middle child moaning she was bored during another day stuck at home with the awkward little sister while the older sister was out with her friends. She has no excuse to be bored, ever, not for even a moment, she could always go and tidy her bedroom (my favorite suggestion when she dares does say she’s bored of course).

Thor's alternative hammer

They found Thor’s Hammer! Apparently . . .

It was a nice day too, not too cold, quite warm in fact considering it is still February, the sun was out, there was no rain so a perfect day to get outside and enjoy nature in it’s winter clothing. And the colours, I love the colours at this time of year, at first glance it may all look grey and brown but there are so many different shades of brown, grey, green and even a little gold here and there involved!  I find so much inspiration in nature for fabric work – from textile art projects through applique, to colour combinations and more.  So I took the camera and grabbed some photos for my inspiration files.

hill scrambling

if there is a hill, it must be climbed

I spent my pre-teen childhood years in the countryside but it wasn’t a countryside of rolling hills and woodlands as we were out in the fens, it was flat fields for miles with a village plonked on top of a hill here and there. If you know the fens you’ll know what those hills are like, if you don’t then they’re definitely not the hills of Derbyshire that are just a few miles from where we live now.  My kids are growing up in a city but I still want them to learn about the countryside and, most importantly, to always have an appreciation of nature and the world around them.  Luckily, despite living in a city, we don’t need to get in the car to go and find all the wonderful natural woodlands we walked in today – they are right on our doorstep, less than 10 minutes walk away.  There’s another blog post in here I feel, saving that note for another day!

Somehow I have taken over 400 photos today.  And the girls are in less than 20 of them!  Thank heaven for digital photography, back in those childhood days of mine they would have cost a fortune to get processed before I could even see if any of them are any good. Fortunately, or unfortunately for me, most of the 400+ have actually come out lovely which makes it very hard to pick the ones to share. So here’s just a few selected at random and the rest, well I’m sure I can find other reasons to use them in blog posts in future.

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