cut finger


It seems to have been a while since I managed to add anything to the website but in truth I’ve actually been working hard getting the new improved version ready, the one that has a proper shop and a photo of me that isn’t in super soft focus! Unfortunately in this time we’ve also been the house of sickness with myself and 2 of the little helpers falling ill, the house of holidays (as in no school, not sunny beaches and relaxation), the house of stressed out teenager sitting GCSEs and making sure we all suffer along with her (bet that sounds familiar to a few parents!) and is now the house of hurty finger after my rotary cutter attacked me (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

Which all means we’re also the house of “OMG, I am so behind with everything!” panic stations now.

But I am catching up. All weekend (yes my weekend was child free. Well almost!)  I’ve been planning and preparing, designing and cutting and now have a lovely pile of new makes ready to sew together as well as several more items ready to get started on with sketches and plans.

The new site will be ready soon. Not a lot of change in the way it looks but the new functionality will make the wait worthwhile!  And if I don’t find time to get it done in the next few weeks I will soon have a spare teenager hanging around the house with nothing to do so she can help fill in the data that needs to go in to make it work. And if she can’t manage to do that then she can take on some of the household chores, keep us fed and watered and so on so I can free up more time to do it myself. Not sure how long we’ll last on the 3 meals she can successfully put together on her own though.