Where to Buy Losana B products.

Losana B products are currently sold through this site, an Etsy store and a Folksy store.

On Losana B you’ll find Made to Order and Custom Made products as well as a selection of ready made products.

Due to issues getting the shopping facilities working on this site in time for the site launch we set up the Etsy store. We have now fixed the problem and are starting to add products both here and on the Etsy store. You will be able to view the products stocked in the Etsy store on our own site but will be redirected to the Etsy site in order to complete your purchase.

Our Folksy store is currently stocking products made as samples and prototypes as well as a few ‘not quite perfect’ products.

Family day out bag with matching blanket

Shop for Losana B products on Folksy

A selection of samples, prototypes and ‘not quite perfects’ are currently available in our Folksy store.

Shop Products by Losana B on Etsy.

The Etsy store is still being stocked, our Christmas products will be going in as fast as we can get them there! Follow our facebook page for announcements when we add new products.

Custom made velvet cross body

Have something made especially for you!

Custom and bespoke made enquiries are always welcome so please take a look at the Custom Made page for more details!

We have a growing range of products that can be made up with many variations and in any colour or we can design something new from scratch just for you!