Losana B

Okay, so that may be a slight exaggeration but it feels like I am that busy! Sometimes life just takes a turn like that doesn’t it? There have been orders to make and send and family things to sort and do but my biggest problem here is that I still seem to be a serial volunteer who really needs to learn how to to say “No!”.

There were the bits I did for a local art fair, not too much and of some (touch wood anyway) benefit to me.

Then there is my eldest daughter’s prom dress, after all you can’t have a dressmaking mummy and go to your prom in a shop bought dress carrying the risk someone else might just turn up in the same one can? Apparently not! I tried, I really tried to persuade her that shop bought was fine but no, that was impossible. It was impossible because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, not one single thing, no way, no how, nothing at all in any shop, anywhere, not within a 70 mile radius or even online that is suitable! Not that she’s fussy or anything!

Truth be told it would be difficult to find her a dress she likes but not because she’s fussy or has extravagant tastes, instead because she likes simple. All the shop dresses we looked at were either too fancy, too glitzy, too low cut, too revealing, too colourful, too long, just too much. All she wanted was something simple, black and free of bling. And she was adamant we weren’t wasting money on a dress she’ll only wear once. I liked her thinking on that one, I got something right in her upbringing then. The final design is adorning Doris the Dummy right now waiting for me to finish it tomorrow so there will be photos but not until then.

On top of all this there is the upcoming year 6 prom and summer fair for the local junior school. Yes I ‘do’ PTA! Sadly there are very few of us who do ‘do’ PTA so there’s a lot of work and very few of us to share it out. I feel guilty that this year I haven’t been able to do half as much as I normally do and have been very uninvolved in the summer fair organisation but I genuinely haven’t had the time to be able to do it all this year. I have tried to do as much as I can for the prom (fancy name for end of school disco of course) and consequently I spent an entire day this week with the PTA chairperson making bunting to decorate the school hall with. Actually sewing it wasn’t bad, I taught the chair how to use a sewing machine (turns out she’s a natural!) so she did some of that and we weren’t worrying too much about accuracy (okay we weren’t worrying at all about accuracy, it’s rustic, very rustic!) so we managed to run up over 60 meters of simple bunting from denim scraps and seam tape in just a few hours.

But the theme isn’t just denim, it’s Denim and Diamonds so we needed to add diamonds. And that’s where we started to come unstuck. Or rather stuck because we used glue. Superglue to be exact. And when the superglue failed to work we moved onto UHU. Do I need to describe the result? Is there anybody out there who can’t imagine it for themselves? Suffice to say we’re both still pulling glue off our fingers and haunted by the smell of UHU. And neither of us want to see another denim triangle or diamante trim again.