What do you reckon to the changes to the fonts, colours and layouts?  I was never really happy with the different coloured fonts being used so I’ve had them tweaked and while at it the fonts and layout have been altered but I’m not 100% on either.

Strange isn’t it, how you can know you don’t like something, know that you really do like something else, yet sometimes for somethings you can’t even make up your mind!  The new font appears, to me, more readable but also more bland – presentation over function perhaps?  And while I admit I didn’t really like the rectangular boxed presentation of the posts on the front and index pages before I’m feeling that the list style with round images is too spaced out . . .  am I between a rock and hard place here?

One day I’ll have the freedom to do exactly what I like with the site, or rather pay some one else to do exactly what I want with it, because these days even though I could do it all myself (yes, I really could, I used to do this sort of stuff for a living 😉 ) I don’t enjoy doing it and honestly do not have the time required to do it properly myself.  If you’re ever looking at quotes for producing a website and thinking ‘wow, that’s a lot!’ let me assure you it’s not, they are not s easy as they seem.

Let me know what you think, all constructive feedback is very welcome 🙂

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