Losana B site launch post image

The wait is now over and the new web site is live!

I set the deadline to today knowing that the children finished school today and if I didn’t have it finished by now it would just get delayed – again! So being the smart arse that I am I announced a date to force me to commit and get it finished thinking I had just a little left to do, and ended up spending 4 days solid working on it. And by solid I mean every hour I was awake! With very little sleep in between those awake hours. By this afternoon I was ready to fall asleep face down on the keyboard.

I did only have a little left to do. The problem was I just couldn’t leave bits that didn’t actually need doing alone! I tweaked and twiddled. I moved things 2 pixels. Altered transparencies by 1%. Manually typed in hex codes in multiple places just to make absolutely certain they were all the same in all the right place. I even did the same pages over and over again. Just in case, you know, I hadn’t got it right the first time, or the second, or the third . . .

The thing is I used to be a web developer. Not a designer, they are different roles. I used to be able to code a website blindfolded. Haven’t done it in a long time so now need not only the blindfold removed but a few reference pages to hand as reminders along with copious quantities of caffeine to try and keep the brain cells alert enough to drag tiny details from the recesses of my memory. The caffeine doesn’t work of course, all those cups of tea (I don’t drink much coffee and you need more tea to get the same amount of caffeine) just mean I go to the loo a lot. I am so glad the loo is close to my desk! But it all means I spot and feel compelled to fix all those little technicalities that nobody actually using the site is likely to even notice. Combine the ability to spot things that don’t really matter and being a perfectionist and an hours work turns into 7 hours!

But I got there!

Of course this also explains why I have a box full of ‘not quite perfect’ products that I’ve never even offered for sale before – because they are not 100% perfect! But they are perfectly usable, fully functional, ‘fit for purpose’ as my father would say! So I am offering them. Because they deserve to be loved as well even if they are ‘not quite perfect’ in my eyes. I’m the mum of a disabled and therefore ‘not quite perfect’ child, how angry do I get when her imperfections lead to rejection? Yet I have done it to my perfectly usable, perfectly lovable, products!

Forever Stars charity bag

Forever Stars charity bag, made especially for and donated to the charity Forever Stars for fundraising purposes

Of course this means if I’m working on a custom order then it gets the same level of attention and pursuit of perfection every time! My desire for perfection is your assurance of quality!

And if you fancy giving a bit of love to a ‘not quite perfect’ pop over to the Folksy shop where you can take 35% off the prices by using the code EOS35.

So, can I go to bed now?

Sale Flyer Oct 2017