It really doesn’t feel like 2 months since I last wrote a blog post. But it would seem it is! It’s been a very, very busy 2 months though. In those 2 months I have dealt with –

  • school holidays (Holiday? What part of it counted as a holiday? Holidays are meant to be calm, relaxing experiences aren’t they?)
  • preparing paperwork for SEN stuff (don’t even go there!)
  • the anxious wait for GCSE results
  • actually getting GCSE results
  • the resulting jubilation and a teenager who suddenly realised her whole world was about to change
  • sorting out college start for aforementioned teenager
  • teenager starting college and loving it so much it’s all we hear about

and a whole lot more! I’m pretty sure I managed some gardening, some seaside time, several days out, lots of trips to the ice rink, no end of tidying up (aka trailing along behind young people restoring sanity where they left chaos!) , quite a bit of cooking and even some quality family time. At least I’m told it was quality family time 🙂