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A bit of blinging completed for daughter no. 2.

Why does nothing ever seem to go to schedule?  The plan was to have finished items ready to add to the shop this week but it seems the world has conspired against me and I’m not quite there.

Okay, maybe not the entire world, but my children and their actions and activities certainly have! And since they are my world then I guess that’s the same thing.  One of them needed an extra practise session for one of her activities, one had to have 2 days off school, the other has been so hyped up about the practical exams she took for her GCSEs this week she’s been as much, no less, help around the house as a chocolate teapot!  Not only has she been spectacularly unhelpful (when she’s usually very helpful!) but she’s been continuously stood in the kitchen rehearsing lines and working out stage directions consequently getting in everyone’s way.  She’s known those lines off by heart for weeks and if she tweaks the directions any more there won’t be anything left of the original!  It’ll all be worth it in the end though, when she’s a super theater director, with a bit of acting on the side, earning a fortune with a big house complete with annexe for mum.  At least she knows what she wants out of life, apart from a short flirtation with the idea of forensic sciences 3 years ago all she’s ever wanted to do since she was 3 or 4 is work in ‘the dramatic arts’ – I blame David Tennant’s Dr, the first programme she became seriously addicted to at 3 years old!

the big bucket bag prototype

the big bucket bag prototype

Oh, and I had a migraine that lasted 4 days that didn’t help with anything!

So, where am I actually at?  Well despite all the above i do actually have some bags ready to offer for sale. What I don’t have is a camera to take photos of them with, because when I switched that on it refused to work and kept telling me it had a ‘lens control error’.  It’s not worth repairing because although it is a good bridge camera it’s a number of years old now dating from when digital bridge cameras were still fairly new technology.  The good news is I get to treat myself to a new camera, the bad news is I haven’t had time to go shopping for one!

The coming week will therefore be spent making more lovely things alongside researching cameras and deciding whether to stick with a bridge, which I know how to use, or take the leap to a SLR which will involve a learning curve.   Anybody got a decent but not too expensive digital bridge camera with good macro ability they can recommend?

In other news, I set up a YouTube channel, just in case I have any interesting videos to share with everyone. It was just to test it was all working and I do now need to work out how on earth to make it smaller, much, much smaller*, before I can use them here! In the meantime the teeny clip I made to test it all is from facebook.

I will get there, I really really will, this is just a little delay.


*as you can see I worked out how to make them smaller!

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