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Just some of the fabric saved from the skip

Just some of the fabric saved from the skip

Sometimes you have to leap at an opportunity even though you’re not really ready for it because it will be worth it in the end.

A colleague of mine who knew I was planning to start making my bags available for sale knew someone who had taken over a small industrial unit for their business and on moving in had found loads of stuff left behind by the previous occupants; stuff they would now have to dispose of.  Included in all that stuff were rolls of fabric that along with everything else in the unit were now destined for the skip. Until our mutual contact put us in touch of course.

I wasn’t yet ready to be able to use them, I had no budget for them, I didn’t even know where I’d keep them.  I tried really hard to resist but the thought of fabrics that were perfectly usable going into the skip was just too much and I caved. It was a win win situation all round anyway – the unit occupants didn’t have to pay to have them removed and actually generated some extra income by selling them, I took possession of a load of beautiful upholstery and furnishing fabric at a brilliant price and, best of, all that lovely fabric was saved! I was even prepared to be falling over rolls of fabric for the next few months if need be but then I remembered the kids don’t use their, loosely and grandly named, playhouse (it’s a shed with windows, but its watertight and sheltered) in the winter and joy of joys it was winter, so I stashed it all in there until I was ready to use it. As for budget, they ended up being my Christmas present.

Folded fabrics ready for washing

Off the roll and folded ready to be laundered.

I’ve taken a couple of rolls out since, mainly ones that only had short pieces on and a couple of longer rolls were left inside the house so I could use them for pattern drafting and prototypes, but the bulk of it has sat in the playhouse since then (with regular checks on it of course, just to make sure it wasn’t getting damaged, or feeling lonely and unloved).  Today I took it all out to prepare for use. it’ll be a while before it’s all ready because it all needs checking, laundering, checking again and quite frankly if I prep it all at once I still have nowhere to store it once prepared, on the rolls it all stands up against a wall.  Just taking the shorter lengths off the rolls has left me an enormous pile of folded fabric that has no home. But hey, the kids have an empty playhouse again, it’s spring and, who needs a dining table?

Batch no 1 is in the washing machine as I type, the kids don’t need clean clothes either do they?

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