big bucket bag prototype

And try us they do!  Finally got the camera sorted then had a few really bad days that have meant having to take time out of work just as I was ready to go, touch wood all is on the up now but we’re about to go into school holidays which makes it hard for me to work due to my daughter. You see I do this work not only because I love it but because I have daughter with autism so need flexibility to work around her needs. Quite frankly while I am eminently employable there are very few employers out there who would tolerate the amount of time off I’d need to take just because of my child’s needs, I used to be a boss and I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  So I work for myself and fit things around her.

Red Bag on FolksyToday I did finally manage to start taking photos but the weather has turned all yucky on me and the light is awful.  So after struggling, and mainly failing, all morning to find places inside where I could get enough/the right light I am now considering a portable studio/light tent big enough to hold the bags, I have a tiny one which is fabulous but the bags don’t fit in it.  Today had to be the day though so the photos have been taken as well as they can be in the circumstances and backgrounds have had to be edited to make them presentable. Which all means it took far longer than I’d hoped. The weather was perfect yesterday as well, just wasn’t possible to take photos where I was.

So far today I have managed to get 2 items added to the folksy store, 2 of the big bucket bags, and have more to add but we’re now at the end of my normal working day, aforementioned child will be home soon and I’ll be back to caring for her. Touch wood, cross fingers, anything else that’s said to bring luck, she’ll settle well this evening (ha! who am I kidding – she never does!) and I can do some more later this evening.



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