Coming Soon!

I’m doing something I hate here, I loathe ‘Coming Soon!’ pages yet I have one, right here.

I have some tutorials and how to’s planned but I haven’t had time to finish them, or even start some! But due to the way this site is set up the entry for them appears even though there’s nothing to show yet.

In the meantime you have no doubt seen lots of lovely looking upcycling ideas videos that make it all look so easy, because it is isn’t it? Well here’s one man’s take on when he tried to follow one! We’ll forgive him for using brand new towels because it’s funny but this is something better done with old now unwanted towels.

Not quite as easy peasy lemony squeezy as those videos make out is it?

The tutorials and how to’s I’m doing are  realistic and to test that I need a few willing volunteers, people who would like access to the tutorials before they are put out to the public and who will give them a go and let me know how easy they found them.

If you fancy being a tutorial tester then head over here and join the facebook group as that’s where the tutorials will go first!