If you’ve been a follower of Losana B for a while you may have noticed a bit of rejig in the way things are working. The result of a decision made almost a year ago but it’s taken this long to bring it into effect, and I’m still not finished!

It’s all good though I promise!

Prior to now the majority of my bags have been made to order. This causes a few issues in that it meant you couldn’t just choose a Losana B bag and have it with you within days and even though they can be made within a couple of days doing so depends on the number of orders I have at the time, if you happened to contact me for a bag when I already had half a dozen orders to complete it could be a number of weeks before I could start on yours.

Made to order and custom made bags will of course always be available. I love nothing more than the challenge of being asked to make a bag specific to your requirements! But I’m also working on more ready to post bags, bags pre-made and held as stock so that I can send them as soon as someone wants one. Consequently I now have a range of set designs such as the Dani, the Classic Backpack, the Bay City, Simone and the Ranj of which there will a selection of ready made bags in the Etsy shop.

All still made to the same high standards using the same reclaimed, rescued and recycled fabrics.

Of course all of these standard designs can also be made to order in your choice of fabrics, with your customisations. You are welcome to treat any of my standard designs as a starting point from which we work together to build your perfect bag: like the Simone but only want a single compartment – it’s done; love the Ranj but want a zip top in it – then you’ve got it! Whatever combination you would like I will work with you to create just that.

While standard designs offered ready to send are all made to the same patterns they will still all be different in some way, different fabrics, different trims, even variations in size sometimes as I cut to fit the fabric I have.